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Bring friends and remember that 10% of total proceeds will be donated to Albemarle Garden Club and each shopper shall receive 10% discount! Let us know which day you would like to attend. RSVP to Cindy Schutt at


Thank you, Albemarle Garden Club! Thank you for the flower arrangement made by Jennifer and all your heartfelt cards and those of you who came to see me and those who attended Jean Marshall's funeral service. We were all extremely moved by such an out pouring of heart felt emotion.

Much love and thankfulness,



The first GCV Symposium held last week in Richmond Virginia was a HUGE success and offered a variety of activities for GCV members. It had vendors, speakers and two flower shows - a Horticulture Show held at John Marshall Hotel and a Floral Design Show at the Kent Valentine House. As chairman of the Horticulture Show, Kim Cory put together a show that had over 400 entries from 24 clubs! Our club came in second in the Sweepstakes (total number of ribbons and awards) with over 40 entries. Of note, Dana Harris took home The GCV New Member Award (given to a member of GCV in 2015 or more recently) for her dinner plate size Dahlia and new member, Colleen Bassett won a blue ribbon for her Little Gem. Candy Crosby wrote a terrific schedule and we had many volunteers from our club who came to Richmond and helped with passing, running and judging(and entering!). Thank you to all those that volunteered from AGC: Colleen Bassett, Fran Carden, Carol Carter, Candy Crosby, Colleen Grant, Dana Harris, Leslie Harris, Susan Lankenau, Carol Roberts, Katya Spicuzza, Christina Teague and Nancy Terry. Wendy Burns was awarded a blue ribbon in the Floral Design Show for an Art Nouveau arrangement. The Conservation and Beautification Committee featured speakers on topics such as trash and the hazards it causes to birds, turtles, fish and dolphins that ingest culprits like cigarette butts, plastic utensils and balloons. They offered great swag like reusable metal drinking straws.


Winter Photography Workshop

Tuesday, January 23rd 9:30-11:30

Place TBA (in Charlottesville)

Dana Parker, noted GCA Photographer and Prospective Judge, will come visit from The Virginia Beach Garden Club to help us all learn how to enter a Zone or National Show. Even if you are not planning to submit to a show, this workshop will provide valuable technical info on how to handle photographs for reprinting, composition, etc. This will be a fun and worthwhile workshop. Stay tuned for more information! Please refer any questions to Tori Macmillan at


Join LEAP on Oct 5 (Energy Efficiency Day) at 5:30 pm at CitySpace on the downtown mall in Charlottesville for fun, fast-pasted “lightning talks.”More info, click HERE

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