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From Our Friends, the Dolly Madison Garden Club:

November 8, 2017 - 3:00 pm Brent & Becky's Daffodils: "Designing with Bulbs as Companions"

The public is invited to join the Dolley Madison Garden Club at the Orange Presbyterian Church in Orange, VA for a presentation by the Daffodil and Horticultural Committees.


Anyone interested in going, please let Claire know at and carpool with me

GCV Conservation Forum 2017

"Fracking in Virginia from all Perspectives".

Who knew that there are over 8000 gas wells in Southwest VA?! Or that petro chemicals are what give boxed breakfast cereals their crunch?! I learned so much at the recent GCV Conservation Forum. The Forum started with the very feel good news that the GCV Dugdale Conservation Award was awarded to our very own Blue Ridge Partnership for Regional Invasive Species Management (PRISM),, and that the GCV Conservation Educator Award was given to Jody Ullmann of the Lynn Haven River Pearl School Program. They both shared stories of their important work protecting our land and woods and educating the next generation about protecting our precious water resources. Well-deserved awards to these conservation heroes! Then we heard power packed presentations from Josh Ball, an industry drilling expert, and Larry Schweiger, a long time environmentalist from “fracking country” in Pennsylvania. Moderator Will Cleveland from the Southern Environmental Law Center kept things moving quickly as we heard some rapid-fire perspectives from a very impressive panel. A River Steward, Deputy Secretary of Natural Resources, Chairwoman of a County Board of Supervisors, energy industry lobbyist, and attorney from SELC who works on extracted energy made up the panel. (See GCV website for panelists names and titles.) The issue seems to be that we all like cheap energy but the threats to our air and water are very, very real. There is a lot of drilling in Southwest Virginia, but the Taylorsville Basin east of I-95 is a stressed watershed where drilling and extraction could put drinking water at risk for millions of Virginians. The discussion was lively and the questions from the audience were pointed. This forum was everything a Conservation Forum should be, challenging and informative. submitted by Carol Carter

Pumpkin carving by Collins Grant



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