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We are excited to have the link to Design Forum up and running! To buy tickets and pre-order the book, please click HERE Please share the link with your friends.

We will have local purveyors of fashion, accessories, gifts and other interesting goods. All the information is on this link.

You can also access the link by going to A popup that brings you to the Design Forum link will appear for anyone visiting our site.


A Paperless Post went out yesterday to those who expressed interest in the January 23rd Photography Workshop featuring Dana Parker (Virginia Beach Garden Club and Zone VII Photography Rep).

Tori Macmillan will host this event at her house 9:30-11:30. Dana will share tips on taking photographs in different classes (landscape, flower, etc) and how to easily and properly submit to Zone/GCA shows.

Novice and experienced photographers welcome!! If you did not receive the Post and are interested, please contact Tori at for more information!


Join Karen Blair, Carol Carter & Gardy Bloemers for GCV's Conservation Lobby Day in Richmond Jan 22.

The Virginia Conservation Network (VCN) is organizing the gathering and speakers at St. Paul's Church meeting room and we have already started to book appts. with our local legislators. Register for Conservation Lobby Day by clicking HERE


Please plan on entering the “Spring is in the Air “In-Club flower show on February 21, 2018 with Paperwhite Narcissus because they are so easy to grow. The schedule is on our AGC Website.

Buy the paperwhites and nestle the bulbs into gravel in your container. Add water until it reaches the bottom of the bulbs. In ten days to two weeks you will have beautiful fragrant flowers to bring to the show.

There are many new varieties on the market that are not as fragrant as Ziva.

Grow indoors in a cool room; if the temperature exceeds 60 degrees and/or the light it too dim, the paperwhites will grow too tall and fall over.

So here is the hort hint: to keep the stems shorter replace the original water with a mix of 1 part vodka or gin to 7 parts water!


There is so much going on in Richmond for GCV's Daffodil Day. Check out the website and consider entering the horticulture, floral design or photography classes. Tony Event will be the guest speaker and you could consider the Daffodil Judging School. It's not too early to get ready for Daffodil Day! Whether you are just starting out as a flower arranger or simply want to improve your arranging skills, GCV is offering a Flower Arranging Workshop level to fit your needs. You may also want to try the Botanical Arts Workshop and learn to create beautiful objets d'art from dried plant material. It all takes place February 6 - 8 at the Kent Valentine House. Click HERE for the details.

Our condolences go out to Susie Neligan who lost her mother, Mrs. Maria Carter Satterfield this past week. Click for HERE to read her obituary.


If you have HBO, tune into the documentary about Gianna Agnelli - "Agnelli". His butler, Stuart Thornton, who is interviewed, is wonderful. If you remember, he accompanied our November speaker Anne Blackwell Thompson and is the inspiration for her becoming a botanical artist. If you loved Anne's work, she will be a vendor at our Design Forum, for Blackwell Botanicals.

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