Thank you all for sitting through an egregiously long first meeting! Your president has much to learn. But I hope you were able to get a good overview of the year ahead, and the many activities that we as a club will be undertaking. The GCV Centennial, the GCA Annual Meeting and Historic Garden Week are just the headliners. Your enthusiastic support is needed. And all are welcome to participate!

Please read the Ad-hoc Membership Committee Report attached at the end of this newsletter.

Photography Workshop with Blair Matthews) 9:30-11:30 on Wednesday, November 6th.Please join photography enthusiasts, beginner and experienced, for a morning workshop with Blair Matthews (Zone 7).  She is traveling from Kentucky to help us learn creative techniques and to feel ease in entering GCA and Club Photography Shows!

Please email Tori Macmillan at torimac27@comcast.net for any questions! You won't want to miss this opportunity.  Location to be determined, but somewhere in Charlottesville.

Dues are due!   Send them in before Carol calls you!   Thanks to all who have already sent in so promptly.

"Refuse to Use" Campaign: Jean Gilpin, our GCV president, has issued a challenge to clubs and individuals to sign a pledge to refuse to use single use plastics. Our Club needs to take the pledge! Send me your ideas and in the meantime sign the pledge as an individual. http://survey.constantcontact.com/survey/a07egh2v4lgjy7lei5o/a0181k0wdesc2/questions


This summer an Ad Hoc Committee met to do an analysis of AGC’s Membership.  This included going through all of the responsibilities of the Membership Committee, doing a thorough evaluation and making a recommendation to the Board to approve and implement a new membership calendar year and review the number of Active Members we can accept. The Committee consisted of:

Anne Tilney, Chair; Fran Carden;Kim Cory;Candy Crosby;Melinda Frierson;Esther Hannon; Merrick Murray;Lee Scott; and Julie Stamm.

The Board has approved these three items:

Aligning our Membership Calendar with the Program Calendar which means that the new Membership Calendar will be as follows:

September Meeting - New Member attends her first meeting

November 1st - An email with an “Intent to Propose” is due from any current member intending to propose a candidate by February 1st of the election year

December Meeting - Any intended candidate may be invited to the Christmas Workshop

February 1st - All candidate proposals due

March Meeting - The first reading of proposal letters

April Meeting

April 1st - all status changes will be due

The second reading of proposal letters 

paper ballot election will take place

May (Annual Meeting)

All elected candidates will be announced

An orientation for elected candidates will take place before June 1st


All elected candidates must respond to their invitation to become a member in writing with initiation and dues paid by June 15th 

All new members are invited to attend the AGC June Cocktail party

Number of allowable Active Members has increased to 58 from 57

An Election will now take place by paper ballot at the April Membership Meeting immediately after the second reading of the proposal letters.

Please be attentive to the required  “Intent to Propose” November 1st deadline. This must be received by the Membership Chair in writing by email to (actilney@gmail.com) or by letter (Anne Tilney, PO Box 4308, C’ville, VA 22905). Respectfully Submitted

Anne Tilney, Membership Chair


Albemarle Garden Club

P.O. Box 5746, Charlottesville, VA  22905