A Great Day at the Bog Garden, the June Cocktail Party, and a GCV Floral Design Event

Another great work day in the bog garden!  We nearly filled a City truck with prunings, unwanted grasses, and assorted invasive vines.  While the bog wanted to suck our boots off, all traces of our involvement were neatly covered with leaves, so we left no trace.  The bee hotel is 70% occupied by Melville's estimation.

The natives are getting stronger and we will need a big planting day at some point in the future as we strive to go all native.  The oak leaf hydrangeas and ferns are thriving and we added to their numbers.  Happy helpers left with some beautiful non-native ferns and a mahonia for their own gardens—Carol Carter.

Susan Lankenau, Dana Harris, Melville Krebs, Susan Turner, Frances Lee Vandell, and Carol Carter

June 12 Cocktail Party at Claire's: The Paperless Post invitation did not clearly state that spouses are invited too! Please go back and change the number attending if spouse or friend is coming so our hostesses can plan accordingly.

Nellie Hough Update: 2019 Nellie Hough Gardening Course Invitations/Registration forms will be e-mailed to AGC membership in early July. This always popular course is a great opportunity to introduce friends and prospective members to Albemarle Garden Club.

GCV and Floral Design: GCV is hosting an evening with Margaret Shaw, founder and Editor-in-Chief of Flower Magazine. She will talk about her new book Living Floral: Entertaning and Decorating with Flowers. The event will take place at the Kent-Valentine House, Monday June 17, 5-7 pm. Register at www.gcvirginia.org/lilies $40 pp. Hurry, tickets are going fast!

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