A Life Inspired

Elizabeth Scott, 2015-2019

As a final gift to AGC she wrote:

Good morning, my dear friends, 

I’m at Ballyshannon right now, next to Fred's breakfast seat. I have heard that the AGC has—once again—clipped heavily its member's gardens to bring flowers for others to enjoy at my beloved Emmanuel. 

I’m sure that many of us will be together at 11:00 am (if I can get things moving promptly), but I wanted to say my last Goodbye and make a pittance of a gift to AGC in appreciation for my altar decorations.

If one of you will seek out Fred, he has a gift with him.  

The greatly-needed rain today will be coming from me. Happy to help.

"See you later, alligators..." Elizabeth 

Thank you Kim Cory,Wendy Burns and Chrissy McNeely for the beautiful flowers that you "clipped heavily" and arranged beautifully for Elizabeth Scott's memorial service at Emmanuel Episcopal Church. It looks like you fully met Elizabeth's expectations!

Please check your inbox for the very important Sign-Up-Genius listing all the AGC committees (sent August 3). This is your opportunity to choose one or more committees you would like to serve on. A special thanks to our phenomenal Communications Chair Robbie Mascotte who overcame numerous technical challenges to put this complicated SUG together!

Finally, please keep in your thoughts and heart Christina Teague, who very recently lost her mother.


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