It is hard to believe that this long hot summer summer is almost over. In and out of our beach vacations, Maine escapes, and trips to France and other parts of the world, club members have been busy getting ready for the coming year. Thank you AGC members for signing up so promptly to serve on a committee for the coming year. We filled every slot! But, I did forget to include one—the new Flower Design Committee which is under the able direction of Carol Roberts. If you are interested in working with Carol to explore flower design and organize a workshop this fall, contact her at

Nellie Hough is also filled! What a fabulous program Nancy Terry, Maggie Walker and Kathy Parker organized for 2019. Kudos to you all!

The Dolley Madison Garden Club has invited us to participate in their Centennial Zinnia Show entitled "Dancing Through the Years!" The Show is scheduled for Saturday the 14th of September and includes classes in Horticulture, Floral Design, and Photography. It will be held at the Orange Presbyterian Church on Main Street. The Dolley Madison Garden Club adopted the Zinnia as their club flower in 1919 to represent friendship, endurance and constancy (which does describe them pretty well.) Please support this wonderful sister club as they celebrate their centennial. It should be a great day and a colorful addition to the Garden Club of Virginia's Centennial celebrations. A flyer with more details and the show schedule will be sent out this week.

Good News from Washington! The Botany Bill (aka The Botanical Sciences and Native Plant Materials Research, Restoration, and Promotion Act) has made it to the Senate! This is a bipartisan bill (with 49 co-sponsors) that promotes a pipeline of botanists and the use of native plant materials on public lands. One of the bill's House co-sponsors, Rep. Quigley, has emphasized the need for botanical expertise noting that “the country is projected to lose nearly half of its botanical expertise in the next decade as experienced scientists retire and are not replaced, leading to a myriad of direct and indirect costs both in dollars and in loss of critical native landscapes.”  On July 31, Senator Mazie K. Hirono (D-Hawaii) and ten of her U.S Senate colleagues introduced the bill in the Senate. The legislation has been endorsed by more than 80 distinguished horticultural and botanical organizations including the Garden Club of America, the Chicago Botanic Garden, the New York Botanic Garden and the Center for Plant Conservation. This is a Washington development that everyone can cheer about! 

It is not too late to order the GCA 2020 scarves. These beautiful scarves have been especially popular and were much admired at the GCA annual meeting in Boston last spring. To order go to the GCA website


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