Gearing up!

Tickets are now available for GCV Centennial events in Richmond May 12-14. These events include a lecture by Thomas Woltz; a luncheon at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts; a cocktail reception and grand opening of the GCV exhibition at the Virginia Museum of History & Culture— and more! Click HERE for details and to purchase tickets.

Click HERE to read the latest AGC Conserve-Gram on smarter laundry and other good things to know.

Refuse to Use! Jean Gilpin, our GCV President, is urging all clubs and individual members to pledge to refuse using single use plastics. The Conservation Committee will address the club this October about some easy and practical things we can do to save our planet and especially our increasingly fragile oceans where all this plastic is ending up. As the famous oceanographer Sylvia Earle put it in her address to the United Nations about the threat to our oceans and marine life: "no blue, no green." Please send pictures and anything you wish to report to Robbie Mascotte by October 9!

The Warrenton Garden Club is hosting Dr. Doug Tallamy, professor in the Department of Entomology and Wildlife Ecology at the University of Delaware, at their annual Conservation Forum. The event will be held at Rice Auditorium, 597 Broadview Avenue in Warrenton, 4-5pm. Free to the public but registration required:

Harvest of the Month was great fun and a surprising number of little people

loved the locally grown zucchini! Be an active AGC'er and sign up for November's Harvest of the Month at our local city schools. It is actually fun and very rewarding (look for the Sign-up-Genius in early November.)

Volunteers Yvonne Carey, Megan Eckenberger, and Emily Eckenberger, a crisis therapist at the Jackson-Via Elementary School

Albemarle Garden Club

P.O. Box 5746, Charlottesville, VA  22905