Happy Fourth Albemarle Garden Club!

Photo by Claire Mellinger

Happy Fourth of July to all! N&N will take a break for a few weeks. Anything urgent that should go out to our members can be sent to me at ewhannon6@gmail.com

AGC's team made the top ten at Community Celebration for the C3 Home Energy Challenge! Congrats to Pam Jiranek, Carol Hunter, Carol Carter, Nancy Inman, Kim Cory, Karen Blair, and Frances Lee-Vandell who teamed up for this inspiring event.

Pam and Carol at the Climate Collaborative Challenge

Please be on the lookout for an invitation to this year’s Nellie Hough Course the second week of July and sign up early for yourself and/or your friends as it always fills up quickly. Your support is important! This is our biggest regular fundraiser for civic projects!


The annual Shirley Meneice Conference is coming up this September and includes the GCA's fabulous seed share. Our excellent delegates, Leslie Harris and Alexandra Shirley, will be taking seeds from our membership to share.  So start collecting those seeds now! Some good flowers that are shedding seeds now are: larkspur, columbine, foxglove, cosmos, poppies, rose champion, hollyhocks, and zizia.  Later this summer: Echinacea, black eyed susan, baptisia, Siberian iris, balloon flower, daylilies, amsonia, tree peonies, zinnia, marigolds, sunflowers, callicanthus, and redbuds.  Save them in dry paper envelopes, keep them away from heat, and be sure to label carefully.  Collection point TBD.

Through the Garden Gate: Anja’s Native Garden

July 13th, 9:00 am - 12:00 pm

Sponsored by the Piedmont Master Gardeners...details on their website

Saturday, July 20th 9-11 Ivy Creek Natural Area There will be an Ivy Creek plant walk led by Mary Lee Epps. This is a time when many wetland plants flower: rose-mallow (a spectacular hibiscus), pickerel weed, button bush, monkey flower, arrowhead, and arrow arum are blooming. Various milkweed and St. Johns Wort species and false foxglove may also be in bloom.


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