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Five Seasons: The Gardens of Piet Oudolf.

November 8, 2018 at the Light House Studio

$75 - Cocktail Reception at The Common house with film maker Thomas Piper and screening followed by Q and A.

$25 - Screening followed by

Q and A.

We will offer pre-sale of tickets to our members this week. Please go to our website and as you enter the member's area, you will receive a popup notice on how to buy tickets and all other pertinent information about this event. Tickets will be offered to the public beginning Friday October 5th. A popup will appear for anyone going to our website. This is very similar to how we sold Design Forum tickets last year. Proceeds will benefit our Civic Projects.

If you have any problems purchasing tickets, please email Claire or Turner

To see a trailer of the documentary please click HERE


AGC was a wonderful presence at the GCV Symposium “Elements of Beauty” in Richmond last week. Besides vendors, seminars and great conversations, the main attraction was the Flower Show. With over 475 horticulture entries total, it was quite a success.

Committee Chairs Fran Carden and Kim Cory headed up horticulture and Claire Mellinger was the photography chair. Christina Teague oversaw the horticulture awards with the help of Colleen Grant and Katherine Bolton. Turner Barringer created a powerpoint for displaying the awards at the show. Candy Crosby served as a horticulture passer and judge.

We had lots of volunteers: Colleen Grant, Colleen Bassett, Dana Harris and Susan Lankenau. Some members such as Donna Ernest just came to enjoy the show!



Colleen Bassett - blue for her echinacea, red for hosta, yellow for varigated hosta, red for her hydrangea.

Fran Carden - hm for her anemone, blue for cosmos, red for her dahlia.

Kim Cory - red for large terrarium, red for small terrarium, blue for Macho fern, yellow for her dahlia ‘sugar daddy’, blue for her dahlia ‘center court’ and awarded best dahlia in the show, red for her dahlia ‘Andrew Charles’, yellow for her collection of zinnias, red for her collection of hydrangea.

Candy Crosby - hm for her pollia japonica, red for her dahlia ‘ivanetti’, yellow for her dahlia ‘American Beauty’, blue for her viburnum.

Colleen Grant - red for her begonia, red for her platycondon grandiflorus (balloon flower), red for heuchera, blue for lantana, and two reds for coleus.

Dana Harris - yellow for her dahlia ‘Genova’, red for her dahlia ‘cafe au lait’, blue for her collection of small dahlias, blue for her collection of small dahlias.

Claire Mellinger - hm for her small terrarium.

Forgive us if we missed any. Thank you to all of the AGCers who participated in the symposium!


Catherine Bolton - yellow for her artistic design in the Synergistic Class


Tori Macmillan - blue in Phosphorus Class

Nanette Alcaro - blue in Oxygen Class and hm in Phosphorus

Wendy Winkler - hm in Oxygen Class

Christina Teague - hm in Sulfur Class

THE PEOPLE'S CHOICE AWARD - anyone who attended the show could vote and 2 of our ladies took home the gold!

Catherine Bolton - Artistic

Christina Teague - Photography

On Wednesday at the GCV Symposium, a new award was announced - The Claire Smithers Mellinger Photography Award, This award is named after Claire as her enthusiasm for photography is infectious. She single handedly introduced and developed the division of photography for GCV flower shows. She writes the schedules, manages the entries and and assembles the displays all while laughing and smiling. She has presented numerous photography workshops to individual clubs as well as to the GCV annual meeting attendees. The Claire Smithers Mellinger Award is “awarded to an entry of exceptional visual appeal that reflects the spirit of photography with joy and enthusiasm.”It was established by Albemarle Garden Club and will be given annually by the Garden Club of Virginia. Pictured here is Jean Gilpin, President of GCV presenting Claire with the CSM Photography Award. This year's winner is Jane Hammond from Dolley Madison GC.

For more photos of the Symposium, please go to and visit photo galleries in the members area.


The Fundraising Committee invites you and your friends to a Sara Campbell Trunk Sale. Cindy Schutt will graciously host this event on October 22 and October 23 at her house - 2020 Dogwood Lane, Charlottesville. Sara Campbell will offer us 10% off original prices and 10% of all proceeds will go to AGC. She will have Holiday and Autumn styles with accessories as well.

Please RSVP to


Wendy Burns and Carol Roberts were on hand to discuss flower arranging using mostly plant material from their gardens.

Please consider attending the GCV 60th annual Conservation Forum here in Charlottesville at the Paramount Theater. Join the Conservation and Beautification Committee of the Garden Club of Virginia to hear the latest research on the impact of pesticides on pollinators, the environment and our health. Learn alternative sustainable garden practices that can be implemented in your own backyard. Click HERE for details and registration

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