Updated: May 17, 2019


We met last week to work on the decor ideas for the GCA Annual Meeting. Besides dreaming up arrangements for the awards dinner, we got to see the handiwork of Julie Stamm's, husband, Charlie. We were looking for wooden lanterns to use for table top decor but the ones in catalogs were pricey. Charlie and his friends created exactly what we wanted and they are less expensive and handmade right at Westminster. Thank you Bo Hopkins, Mitch Sams and Charlie!

Our expert wood workers - Bo Hopkins (hat), Mitch Sams (center) and Charlie Stamm, right

As you are wandering in your garden or hiking in the woods this spring, consider gathering some interesting items for our “collections of curiosities.” These collections will form part of our decor for the Zone dinners at the 2020 GCA Annual Meeting to be held in Asheville, NC.  We are imagining lichens, interesting rocks, antlers, and anything you might find! Remember taking things from public parks and forests is prohibited so obey the signs! No birds’ nests, snake skins or feathers. We are also collecting little bottles. These might hold a single fern frond or bloom. Christine McNeely and Kim Cory will collect these items at the May membership meeting.  Please email either Chrissy christinemcneely@me.com or Kim kimcory@me.com with any questions.

Small bottles, antlers, mosses and dried mushrooms are just some of the items we are looking for


We are looking forward to our Annual meeting - consider bringing your own water bottle to the Colleen Bassett's house for hydration and in consideration of Mother Nature.


There are still slots available for the Photography 101 workshop at Norfolk Botanical Garden May 30th. 8:30- 4:30p.m. This is targeted at beginner photographers.

DSLR Cameras are not necessary but we hope to help those who have them and want to get better acquainted with what their cameras can do. Many people use only cell phones, and that is fine.

Here is the registration link through GCA - we have a nice small group of participants so I hope some of you will consider it. The cost is $125.00 for the day. It's a very nice time to visit VA Beach and Norfolk.



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